Bill Walker
MPP Bruce - Grey - Owen Sound

MPP Walker miffed after Liberals sign 390 more bad power contracts
September 26, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says he is miffed by the Liberal government’s decision to sign more costly green energy contracts for power Ontario doesn’t need.

Just seven months after Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault admitted his government made mistakes with Ontario’s green energy program, the Liberals surprisingly announced 390 new FIT contracts for 150 megawatts of power.

“It frustrates me to no end to see this government leave ratepayers on the hook for power we don’t need,” Walker said.

Since 2009, Ontario has "given away" $6 billion in surplus electricity to neighbouring jurisdictions, while Ontario ratepayers overpaid $9.2 billion for green energy.

“It’s this incompetence and waste that has gotten Hydro rates out of control while Ontario families are working harder, paying more, and getting less than ever before,” he said.

“How many Ontarians could receive mental health services if this government hadn’t wasted billions of dollars on bad energy contracts? How many schools could we keep open? How many educational assistants could we provide in special education? How many long-term care beds could we build to address the long waiting list?” challenged Walker.

He said the Liberals’ move to sign more contracts also means Ontario businesses have to subsidize their competitors' power bills, thereby putting more Ontario jobs at risk.

“Ask any local business in Bruce and Grey how they feel about this Liberal government forcing them to bankroll their competitors?” he said. “No one in their good conscience would agree to this. So why is the Liberal government allowing it?”

During debate at Queen’s Park last week, Walker criticized the governing Liberal for awarding massive green energy contracts to companies that donated $1.3 million to the Ontario Liberal Party.

“If elected, we would put an immediate freeze on the signing of any more bad energy contracts,” he said. “We want energy policies that help families pay less and get ahead, not policies that benefit Liberal insiders.”

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